John Snyder & Niki Shadrow Snyder 

Sharon Edwards 

Sharon Edwards, our very personable Regional Vice President of the Southeast Region, joined our team in 2014. Right after joining the team she launched  Project Pop Drop Florida.  Sharon has taken Project Pop Drop to a whole new level.  She assembled a team of local business owners she refers to as her Pop Drop Angels, and each month, has  them do a Food & Clothing Drive which more than doubles the donations that Project Pop Drop already brings!  She has set up Project Pop Drop boxes and donation bins inside businesses all over her part of Florida, all to assist each Project Pop Drop event she performs.  Not only do her Pop Drop Angels do these drives, they donate things that have become vital to the Project Pop Drop events.  One of her Pop Drop Angels is a local printer who donated professionally printed signs for the drives her partners do.  Another Pop Drop Angel is the owner of a public storage unit, who not only provided a large public storage unit to store all the many donations Project Pop Drop and our local partners accumulate each month, they also donate a large rental truck to deliver the donations directly to the homeless shelter we're assisting that month.  The public storage unit they donated to our cause is known as "God's Locker".  On top of that, Sharon has persuaded the local Walmart in her town to frequently donate giant grants of money to further aid the homeless people we're helping.  She has also gotten the Chamber of Commerce, and even the mayor of her town, very active in the Project Pop Drop movement each month.  As a result of Sharon's efforts and what she has done bringing Project Pop Drop to every homeless facility in her area, Sharon is the recipient of the prestigious 2017 Citizen Of The Year award in her home town, through her work with Project Pop Drop. 

About Us

John and Niki Snyder are a husband and wife team that co-created Project Pop Drop on their first date.  They are also the owners of Platinum International Products And Services, an office supply company that sponsors Project Pop Drop monthly. In order to fund this philanthropy program, they created a product that they co-branded with their factory, Micro Solution Enterprises (MSE).  Together Platinum International LLC, Project Pop Drop and MSE, introduced a product to the office supply industry that is helping to set an example for corporate America to give back. The product that can do all of the above is called Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner.  The product was designed to help fund the Snyder’s philanthropy organization and passion project, Project Pop Drop.  Project Pop Drop was born to help to make a difference and break a paradigm in the office supply industry. John and Niki have always had a passion for philanthropy. They are grateful to have the opportunity to work while doing a job that supports their love for giving back.  It brings joy to their life that a product they sell every day is helping to fight hunger.  The pair believes in the Project Pop Drop motto; Working To Give So Others May Live.  Everyday they are committed to help eradicate hunger and homelessness through the distribution of their products and services. #GIVEANDRECEIVE

Platinum International LLC created Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner. This product is manufactured by Micro Solution Enterprises
MSE <the largest remanufactured toner factory in the country. Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner partnered with MSE then launched>
To help fund and operate the philanthropic organization
MSE11% <Project Pop Drop. Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner is environmentally responsible and American made. The toner supports thousands of American jobs. The manufacturing partners have recycled over two million toner cartridges with their recycling programs. A percentage of each Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner purchased through Platinum International Products And Services LLC>
will go directly to Project Pop Drop. This directly helps feed over 90
000 meals per month through the sales of Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner. We have been awarded many patents and acknowledged for many technological innovations. The Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner factory has received industry wide recognition for the best quality compatible toner in the United States. Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner offers customers the market’s best alternative to the original equipment manufacturer. This brand gives customers a quality and cost effective way to print. Pop Drop Platinum Series American sustainable
toner is the only toner in the world helping to feed homeless people with every toner purchased. Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner’s motto - “Give and Receive”.

Project Pop Drop 

Chloe Snyder 

Chloe Snyder is the Daughter of the founders of  Project Pop Drop and a major part of the Project Pop Drop Operation.  We call her the “Youngest Philanthropist In The World” and the smallest “Pop Dropper”.  Chloe has been giving back since she took her first steps.  Once she learned to walk she could not wait to participate in her family Pop Drop Events and join the giving movement.  Chloe enthusiastically helps every month at every event,  Chloe brings joy to the guests at all the Missions, Shelters, Kitchens and charity organizations that Project Pop Drop visits.  She always brings light, life  smiles and laughter to the people that need it most when they see her tiny body unloading the food with such passion.  It represents hope and joy!  Chloe loves to help load and unload the donations for each event.  She is young but knows exactly why she is helping.   Chloe is a perfect example to start training kids at a young age to give back.  Chloe is setting the example for the youth of America to give back! 

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Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner

PROJECT POP DROP is a philanthropy organization created by and sponsored by Platinum International Products And Services.  Project Pop Drop was born to help make a difference.  Platinum International's private label toner cartriidges ( Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner),fuel Project Pop Drop.  Platinum International created a very special product called Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner. This product is environmentally conscience and American made. Almost every office and many businesses require toner. We hope to have everybody printing with Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner. The more people that print with our toner, the more lives will be saved, enhanced and impacted.  A percentage of each Pop Drop Platinum Series toner purchased through Platinum International, will go directly to Project Pop Drop. Our team does a monthly Pop Drop the last week of every month. We deliver food, clothing, medical supplies, beauty products, toys electronics etc., to local missions, community programs and philanthropy driven organizations. Our focus is to help the epicenter of homelessness in America... Skid Row. We have expanded to many other cities as well as montly Flordia Pop Drop's.  We also feature each Project Pop Drop recipient across our social networking platforms each month, to help to draw attention to their cause as well.  Since  Project Pop Drop launched in 2011, we are thrilled and humbled that we have helped facilitate feeding over 90,000 meals per month. We are proud to say that we have also implemetd a new business model called "customer cause marketing".  This is where we inspire and partner with our customers to help feed the homless in their communities.  We believe that every movement starts with local leadership and that we can all help make a difference and impact our communities. This is what life is all about.  Please join us. #GIVEANDRECEIVE